About Us


Founded by Giuseppe Battaglia in the early 1950s, the first speciality boutique was opened across the famous Teatro Manzoni in Milan Italy. The boutique offered classical elegance of every variety from suits in a full range of fittings, to outerwear, sweaters, shoes, accessories and toiletries, expanding to New York and St. Louis before finally landing in the warm sunshine of Beverly Hills. Battaglia opened his flagship boutique on the famous Rodeo Drive in 1961, becoming one of the founding luxury boutiques of Rodeo Drive, bringing Italian fashion to the California style. The selection and use of the finest fabrics and materials, together with the exquisite attention to details was the factor behind the success of Battaglia. For decades, the brand sought the very best in material and construction and placed value on the importance of educating clientele on what true luxury means and how that is reflected in every product Battaglia creates. As a “gotha” of luxury fashion, Giuseppe dressed and befriended many actors from the gilded age of Hollywood such as Clark Gable, Fred Astaire, and William Holden, to name a few.


In 1984, over a plate of pasta with our fragrance manufacturer, our founder poured over the details of our first fragrance that would encapsulate the elegant world he created. Originally called “Essenza per Uomo 90 degrees,” the bottle itself was an original mold that has remained a staple design for producers to this very day. In 2007, Nobile, Lady Battaglia, and Bella were added to the roster. 


Today, the brand is dedicated to bringing specialty items to market in both the fragrance space and beyond, while retaining the intrinsic Battaglia quality. 


“Good taste is to be concerned with that which is so well made, so perfectly composed that it becomes the standard by which all others are measured.”

Giuseppe Battaglia